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Cleric  García Fernández of Calahorra +

Count  Fernán González +, García Fernández +

Creator  David Peterson +

Dinasty  Muladi Banuqasi +

Event  The Becerro Galicano of San Millán de la Cogolla was created in the late twelfth century +, The prime concern of the monastery by the late twelfth century was the defence of its possessions from the bishopric of Calahorra +, San Millán de la Cogolla is within the sphere of influence of the count of Castile +, While nearby Nájera was controlled by the kingof Navarre +, The cult of San Millán seems to have originally and essentially been a Castilian phenomenon +, Advocations to the saint being found almost exclusively in theregions to the west of the monastery +, In the mid-tenth century the monastery seems to have passed over to Navarrese control +, Capture of FernánG onzález, count of Castile, around 959 +, Mid-tenth-century agreement ensuring access to the shrine for the people of Lara in Castile +, San Millán de la Cogolla benefited from such a strategic position in the frontier +, San Millán de la Cogolla's domain is evenly spread between the two realms +, The frontier leitmotif can be extended to the whole of the Rioja region +, The Rioja region is a natural corridor that links the Meseta and the Atlantic seaboard with the Mediterranean basin +, The Rioja region held out as an uncomfortable andalusí salient for 200 years, frequent launching point for raids into the surrounding Christian lands +, The Rioja region held out the target of numerous attacks by the monarchs of Pamplona and León +, After the definitive reconquest the Rioja around 923 it would be fought over repeatedly by the Navarrese, Castilians and Aragonese +, After the definitive reconquest the Rioja around 923 it would continue to serve as one of the principal routes of attack when the aceifas (campaigns) of Abderrhaman III and al-Mansur turned their attention towards Castile +, Nájera was a later (mid-eleventh-century) foundation, created ex novo by the now vilified García III +, San Millán successfully defended its claims +, Nájera was defeated +, San Millán had the support of Alfonso VIII +, Its situation was complicated, however, by the coincidence of its Golden Age with the politically unfashionable figure of García III +, Regarded by the Navarrese as a source of legitimacy for their control of the Rioja and even parts of Castile +, Setbacks suffered by Santa María de Nájera +, García Fernández’s defection to Pamplona +, San Millán’s legitimacy was in many cases undermined to Castilian eyes by association with García III +, San Millán was here long before García III +, San Millán was here before the capture of Calahorra +, San Millán was here before the Cluniacs +, Impeccable Castilian pedigree stretching back to the legendary Fernán González +, 1155 – 62 Bishop Rodrigo Cascante initiates Calahorra’s campaign against the Cluniac priory of Nájera (Rioja179, 210) +, 1162 – 63 Navarrese invasion of the Rioja, Rodrigo Cascante besieged in Albelda +, 1163 Sep. Calahorra transactio (Ledesma402) +, 1164 Jan. Calahorra transactio confirmed by Archbishop Hugo of Tarragona(Ledesma404) +, C. 1180 ca. Chronica naiarensis– pro-Castile, anti-García III +, 1186 – 87 Preparation of a new cartulary begun (Galicano ff. 1 – 210) +, 1188 May Papal support for Rodrigo Cascante’ s renewed campaign against Nájera(Rioja299) +, 1190 Mar. Death of Rodrigo Cascante, beginning of García Fernández’s episcopate +, 1192 April Papal support for Bishop García Fernández against Nájera (Rioja326) +, 1192 Alfonso VIII of Castile donates Pazuengos and Saja to San Millán +, 1192 Sep. Last addition to the Gótico (Ledesma470) +, 1192 Preparation of Galicano begun in earnest, material hastily gathered from priories,latest texts in Galicano (ff. 211 – 34) +, 1193 July Calahorra’s victory over the Nájera priory confirmed at the Council of Lérida(Rioja336) +, 1194 Jan. Papal ratification of Calahorra’s victory over Nájera priory (Rioja342) +, 1193 – 34 Transcription of the Galicano +, 1194 May One last text – the result of Cardinal Gregorio’s intervention in the Altablequestion – incorporated (f. 234v), just before the transactiones (ff. 235 – 38) +, 1195 Aug. Alfonso VIII defeated at Alarcos, Navarre reinitiates hostilities +, 1195 Sep. Last notice of García Fernández as bishop of Calahorra (Rioja360) +, 1195 late Bishop García Fernández defects to Pamplona +, 1196 Feb. Cardinal Gregorio in Nájera (Rioja365) +, 1196 Feb. Calagurre non est episcopus (Rioja366) +, 1196 Feb. Archbishop Ramón Castellterçol confirms transactio in Nájera (in presence of Cardinal Gregorio?) +, 1197 Cardinal Gregorio returns to Italy (Ledesma479) +, 1198 Jan. Death of Celestine III +, 1199 April – May Innocent III confirms the Calahorra transactio and other texts beneficial to San Millán +

Monarch  García III de Nájera +, García III +, Alfonso VIII de Castilla +, García Sánchez I +, Sancho III +, Fernando I de León +, Alfonso VI +

Monastery  San Millán de la Cogolla +, Santa María de Nájera +

Topic  Frontier between the kingdoms of Castile and Navarre +, Lost predecessor, the Becerro Gótico +, Monastery’s Castilian origins +, Ratification by higher ecclesiastical authorities +, Monastic cartulary +, Bishopric of Calahorra +, Forgery +  Braulio of Zaragoza +, Gonzalo de Berceo +

Z.title  Becerro Galicano +

Categorías  Reseña vasco-románica +


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