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In most uses, the most prevalent linking property to be used is the umbel:isAbout assertion. This predicate is useful when tagging external content with metadata for alignment with an UMBEL-based reference ontology. The reciprocal assertion, umbel:isRelatedTo is when an assertion within an UMBEL vocabulary is desired to an external ontology. Its application is where the reference vocabulary itself needs to refer to an external topic or concept.

The umbel:isAbout predicate does not have the same level of confidence or "sameness" as the umbel:correspondsTo property. It may also reflect an assertion that is more like rdf:type, but without the confidence of class membership.

The property umbel:isAbout is thus used to assert the relation between an external named entity, individual or instance with a Reference Concept class. It can be interpreted as providing a topical assertion between an individual and a Reference Concept.

This property may be reified with the umbel:hasMapping property to describe the "degree" of the assertion.

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